P9: Probationary or Conditional Review File Contents for Academic Professionals

Effective Date: March 23, 1987

Revised Date: July 1, 2011

Deans/university librarian should maintain the following material for probationary and conditional review files:

  1. table of contents for the material in the candidate’s submission
  2. evaluation(s) by academic unit and college personnel committee(s)
  3. evaluation letters of the chair/director and dean/university librarian
  4. evidence of excellence in:
    1. position effectiveness
    2. professional contributions
    3. institutional, professional, and community service
  1. self-assessment-goal statement provided by the candidate (up to four pages long); an optional supplemental statement by the candidate on one of the three areas of responsibility (up to two pages long) may be included. The statement should be labeled “Supplemental Statement on____________” (e.g., Position Effectiveness). The optional supplemental statement is not provided to the external or internal reviewers outside of the peer committees and appropriate administrators 
  2. a current curriculum vitae for the candidate
  3. a current copy of the academic unit’s and college’s approved criteria
  4. a position description for the candidate

For more information, see ACD 507-05, "Academic Professional Probationary Appointments", ACD 507-06, "Continuing Appointment for Academic Professionals" and ACD 507-07, "Academic Professional Promotion".