Stacey Gandy

2023 Charter Professor

Assistant Professor

School of Social Work

Gandy is a licensed clinical social worker and clinical assistant professor in the School of Social Work. Her commitment to ASU’s Charter and design aspirations are most clearly reflected in her work with the Community Collaborative, an interdisciplinary community project that crosscuts six colleges and schools across ASU, and leverages countless community partners, to support the health and well-being of more than 300 individuals who qualify for housing subsidies due to low income and disabilities living at the Westward Ho in downtown Phoenix. Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs Megha Budruk notes that Gandy “does an amazing job with few resources to make a huge impact on our local ASU and Phoenix community. She is continuously innovating and trying to do more to make the resident and student experience meaningful.” As an ASU Charter Professor, Gandy plans to lead a collaborative team to mentor student interns in grant writing and fundraising to facilitate the goal of increased staff and programming at the Collaborative, enabling it to expand its hours of operation and provide additional socialization opportunities to residents. Such efforts would facilitate the Collaborative to further assume responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the community it serves.


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 Stacey Gandy