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Learning in a remote class modality may be new to you, but the foundation of self-discipline and a commitment to stay focused on your academic goals remains the same for any learning environment. Ensuring you have the support you need to succeed, is ASU's commitment to each of our learners. Empower yourself and enhance your learning experience with this collection of support tools and resources.

Get ASU Sync Ready

Check out these free, self-paced courses from ASU designed to help you succeed in class. Whether you want to sharpen your study skills, enhance your note-taking abilities, or work on building your own growth mindset, there is something for everyone. If you're new to ASU Sync, we recommend you take ASU's Sync Student Success Orientation.

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Building connections

How can I make new friends and connect with classmates while learning remotely?


You may feel a lot of pressure in your first year or two of college to make new friends and find your place right away. And while there are a few new hurdles to making connections this year, the most important thing to keep in mind is that finding your place can take time.

Be engaged, make connections, reap the benefits

Tips to build peer groups as an online student

Five ways to make friends when you're taking hybrid classe


How do I connect with my professor outside of scheduled class?


What if we told you that your professors really do want to hear from you! They share their office hours so that you can reach out and develop a relationship that isn't always built on "I'm struggling in your class". Drop in to your professors office hours or send them an email to start building a connection. That relationship could develop into research opportunities, professional development, or a letter of recommendation.

Advice from other students on how to connect with professors

VIDEO: Do you suffer from FOH?


What can I get out of joining a student club?


There are thousands of students involved in organizations ranging from entrepreneurial groups to dance teams and more. Student clubs are a fun way to meet new people and get involved in something you enjoy.

Find a student club

Check out club and organization events

Is ASU still hiring student workers?


Yes! We encourage you to search ASU's student employment website for both on-campus and off-campus positions that are currently hiring. A job on campus is not only conveniently located, but ASU believes your classes always come first so scheduling is very flexible.

Search student jobs

Remote learning support

Want to work one-on-one with a student that previously excelled in your class?

Sometimes an explanation from a peer can make a concept sink in better than just listening to a class discussion. Meet new students, work one-on-one or in small groups, and feel more confident in class.

Connect me to a peer

Need help from an ASU Librarian?

Whether you need help with materials for class, reserving books, accessing free newspaper subscriptions, or finding out more about services available at The ASU Libraries, you can get library help over chat, email, phone, FAQs, or in person with Ask A Librarian.

Take me to Ask A Librarian

Do you have accessibility concerns or needs that need to be addressed?

The Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services office is available to help you with accommodations for class. If there is an accessibility concern related to your course, regardless of how the course is being delivered, please contact your Disability Access Consultant (DAC). Students new to SAILS should register for services.

Obtain accessibility support

Need extra help with your writing assignments?

All writers — all ASU undergraduate or graduate students — can benefit from visiting the Writing Center to:

  • explore, plan, and develop ideas
  • organize and structure a paper
  • integrate and cite sources
  • engage in writing and revision
  • discuss editing and proofreading strategies
  • find a place to write

Get writing assistance

Self-direction support

Do you need mental health support?

Feeling stressed and sometimes overwhelmed is a normal part of the college experience but sometimes it helps to talk to someone about how you're feeling. ASU is here for you in several different ways, every single day.

Improve my mental health

Need some tips on getting (and staying) organized?

Arranging your study space and keep your digital and physical spaces clutter-free and organized can be a learned trait. Start with these tips and start the semester off on the right foot!

Help me get organized

Three strategies for time management 

Don’t put it off: 3 tips for managing your time

Is procrastination getting the better or you? Need a motivation boost?

First of all, don't stress out. This is a common, fixable problem. Check out this piece from ASU Adulting to learn the motivation equation, how to diagnose the reason for your procrastination, as well as practical advice for facing your motivational challenges head on.

Motivate me

How I’ve mastered focus as an online student

Looking for tools to build a meangingful life?

Living a meaningful life that is true to you is one of life’s greatest endeavors. And, it’s a process that can seem overwhelming and difficult to figure out. College offers you the opportunity to explore interests and find career paths that align to your genuine interests and personal goals. But, where do you start on this journey of self-discovery? Start with the Life by Design class.

Teach me how to design my life

Technology support

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24/7 support from the ASU Experience Center

The ASU Experience Center is open 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have questions or need support, get in touch now.

Need certain digital tools or apps for class or to complete your work?

Feeling stressed and sometimes overwhelmed is a normal part of the college experience but sometimes it helps to talk to someone about how you're feeling. ASU is here for you in several different ways, every single day.

Improve my mental health

Preparing for your first online exam?

Taking a proctored test online maybe a completely new experience for you, and that's ok. We have pulled together helpful resources to ensure your testing space is ready to go. All you'll need to focus on is studying!

How to Tackle an Online Test

Arizona State University RPNow Student Walk Through for Canvas Users

RPNow Guides

RPNow Videos

Looking for a guide or video tutorial how to use certain tools in class?

Whether you're attending completely remotely or taking hybrid courses, there are a few tools you’ll need to become familiar with this fall. ASU is committed to facilitating the best learning experience for all students, and mastering these tools will help you get the most out of your courses.

Canvas Student Guide