P8: Academic Professional Probationary, Continuing Appointment, & Promotion Requirements for Academic Unit Bylaws

Effective Date: March 23, 1987

Revised Date: July 1, 2011

Academic unit and college by-laws must include specific information regarding probationary, continuing appointment and promotion reviews and this information must be included as part of the candidate’s package submitted for review. Written policies and procedures, approved by the dean/university librarian and Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University are recommended to include:

  1. academic unit mission statement and objectives, i.e., the context within which the individual academic professional contributions can be measured
  2. a requirement for academic professional job descriptions that delineate standards for each of the review criteria (i.e., position effectiveness, professional contributions, and institutional, professional, and community service) for continuing appointment and promotion. Individual academic professionals may have different percentages of effort in each criterion, depending on the nature of the work assignment or job description. Guidelines must include indicators for evaluating performance
  3. guidelines for establishing peer review committees to conduct probationary, promotion, and continuing appointment reviews
  4. utilization of peer review committees that consist of academic professionals on continuing appointment from within the same administrative unit. In those academic units with few academic professionals, the guidelines may allow for greater flexibility in the configuration of peer review committees. Such academic units may allow peer review committees to include individuals from other academic units, or from other employment categories
  5. the purpose of letters of review to contextualize the academic professional’s record, both within the university and within the professional discipline. Letters both internal and external to the university should be solicited. The percentage of external letters is proportionate to the professional contribution area of the academic professional’s position description and/or the nature of the work assignment. Unit guidelines determine the proportionality of internal and external reviewers 
  6. a process for obtaining review letters for continuing appointment and promotion reviews, which includes identifying experts who are qualified to evaluate the candidate’s accomplishments, and obtaining review letters in compliance with procedures outlined by the executive vice president and provost of the university. The process must include asking candidates to suggest reviewers, but the administration of the academic unit has the ultimate responsibility for identifying a selection of well-qualified reviewers
  7. a requirement for academic unit administrator consultation with the candidate’s college dean/university librarian for approval of the choice of reviewers, unless delegated by the dean/university librarian
  8. a statement that only the academic unit administrator and/or dean/university librarian may request review letters on behalf of the university. Relevant information about the candidate, the academic unit, the criteria for continuing appointment and/or promotion, and the continuing appointment and/or promotion review procedures should be sent to external experts for use in preparing their reviews
  9. a statement that reviewers shall be given at least 30 days to provide the review
  10. types of evidence/file contents to be submitted by candidates under review (see P9, “Probationary or Conditional Review File Contents for Academic Professionals,” and/or P11a or P11b, “Academic Professional Promotion and/or Continuing Appointment File Contents Submitted to the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University”)
  11. compliance with university and Board of Regents’ policies and procedures

For more information, see ACD 507-05, "Academic Professional Probationary Appointments", ACD 507-06, "Continuing Appointment for Academic Professionals" and ACD 507-07, "Academic Professional Promotion".