Academic Integrity

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Over the course of your academic journey here at Arizona State University, you will be challenged to continually build upon your skills and academic abilities. At times, pressure and stress can arise from balancing busy schedules, academic commitments, and personal commitments. In these moments of adversity, it’s important that you make ethical decisions and uphold a high standard of integrity for you and for others.

Behaviors and actions

What does Sun Devil Integrity look like?

To see the behaviors and actions of Sun Devil Integrity, view the infographic below or PDF icondownload the PDF.

Sun Devil Integrity infographic: engages in learning, studies diligently, completes tasks, encourages others, takes notes, cites sources, reports cheating, avoids cheating, works in advance, and respects ASU Honor Code.

Academic Integrity at ASU Tutorial

The Academic Integrity at ASU tutorial also will walk you through the importance of academic integrity. Upon completion of the tutorial you will be able to:

  • Describe the five types of academic integrity
  • Identify the do's and don'ts of academic integrity at ASU
  • Recognize the consequences of academic dishonesty


Strategies for how to complete your work with integrity

Be informed: Understand ASU’s expectations regarding academic integrity by understanding the Academic Integrity Policy and Student Code of Conduct.

Ask questions: If you are not sure if something is really cheating, ask your professors, T.A.s, academic integrity officers, or academic advisors.

Seek tutoring: Ask your professors and others in your department for help in finding academic support. Help is available from the following sources:

Stay healthy: Checkout the Live Well at ASU webpages to obtain information, resources and involvement opportunities found in each element are designed to positively impact you academic performance, personal well-being and assist you in reaching your full potential.

Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism may be the most common form of academic dishonesty and is often unintentional. Protect yourself by understanding how to avoid plagiarism at Arizona State University using the following resources:

Plagiarism tutorial

Take the Plagiarism Awareness: Don’t Stumble Into it Accidentally! tutorial. Upon completion of the tutorial you will be able to:

  • Define and recognize plagiarism
  • Explain the importance of citation in the scholarly environment
  • Demonstrated strategies to avoid unintentional plagiarism
  • Recognize and explain the consequences of plagiarism

Resources for citations

Visit the ASU Library citation styles webpage as a reference for citing resources appropriately using APA, MLA, Chicago, or other citation-style guidelines. The site also offers exercises to help you practice the appropriate use of citations.