Academic Integrity

Student Resources

Avoiding Academic Integrity Policy Violations

  • Be informed.

Understand ASU’s expectations regarding academic integrity by understanding the Academic Integrity Policy and Student Code of Conduct.

  • Ask questions.

If you are not sure if something is really cheating, ask your professors, T.A.s or academic advisors.

  • Seek tutoring.

Ask your professors and others in your department for help in finding academic support. Help is available from the following sources:

On-campus, in-person writing support
Online support for citations and style manuals
Tutoring and academic success resources 

  • Stay healthy.

This includes managing your time and your stress. Health and wellness resources are available at ASU.

Adopted from the ASU Integrity Advocates (Spring 2006) Publication (PDF).

Tips on How to Complete your Work with Integrity

These online resources provide strategies for completing your work with academic integrity.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism may be the most common form of academic dishonesty and is often unintentional. Protect yourself by understanding how to avoid plagiarism with these resources:

What to do If You are Accused of an Academic Integrity Violation

  • Be informed.

Understand the policies and process for responding to accusations of academic integrity in the college/school generating the accusation. Some colleges and schools have information regarding the process on their web sites.

  • Ask questions.

Meet with your academic advisor to learn your rights within the process, understand the timeline and expectation for your participation in the process. Student Advocacy and Assistance is also a great resource to help ensure successful completion of academic goals.

Graduate Students and Teaching Assistants