ASU Sync
Live-hosted digital classes, wherever you are

ASU Sync provides students with technology-enhanced, fully interactive remote learning using live lectures via Zoom. This approach can be combined with in-person instruction to accommodate students in various circumstances and enable social distancing measures in classrooms, or as stand-alone technology. It offers the benefits of face-to-face instruction in an interactive group learning environment

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Features of ASU Sync

In ASU Sync classes, students experience many features of the on-campus classroom experience from wherever they are learning.

live and interactive

Live and Interactive

Students attend interactive classes in-person at the same time as classmates who are attending remotely, and engage in active learning together.

flexible schedules


Students learn in classes that are accessible from afar and accommodate individual learning circumstances.

flexible classes


Students participate in on-campus work and experiential learning opportunities accessible from anywhere.

student studying


Students receive personalized learning support based on their individual progress and needs.

New to teaching in ASU Sync? ASU has classes, tips and resources for faculty. 

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