Curriculum Development

Curriculum development

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

General Studies Council Meeting


Time: 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Location: Fulton Center (FULTN) Room 2490 (Tempe)
Conference Call-in number: 480-884-1950
Conference ID: 5941  

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of Minutes - January 28, 2014

3. Announcements

4. Old Business

  • Dr. El Hamel requested that each subcommittee submit a short statement regarding their criteria checklists (either the checklist is fine “as is,” or the checklists require amendments). Subcommittee chairs will submit the statement via e-mail to Dr. El Hamel (please copy Phyllis Lucie and Lauren Leo) by the February 25th GSC meeting.
  • The GSC will continue discussion regarding the GSC Bylaws and Policies and Procedures.  

5. New Business

6. Subcommittee Reports

A. Literacy and Critical Inquiry (L)

From ASU:

AES 301 Air Force Leadership Studies I (Mandatory Review)
AES 303 Air force Leadership Studies II (Mandatory Review)
AES 401 National Security Affairs (Mandatory Review)
BCH 467 Analytical Biochemistry Laboratory (Mandatory Review)
BMI 482 Capstone I (Revised)
BMI 483 Capstone II (Revised)
NUR 391 Professional Nursing Theory (Mandatory Review)
REL 347 Religions of India (Revised)
REL 350 Hinduism (Mandatory Review)
REL 357 Theravada Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia (Mandatory Review)
TCL 410 Race, Medicine, and the Body (Mandatory Review)

From MCCCD: none

B. Mathematical Studies (MA/CS)

From ASU:

AGB 360 Agribusiness Statistics (CS) (Mandatory Review)
ASM 465 Quantification and Analysis for Anthropologists (CS) (Mandatory Review)
CIS 105 Computer Applications and Information Technology (CS) (Mandatory Review)
CIS 236 Honors Introduction to Information Systems (CS) (Mandatory Review)  

From MCCCD: none  

C. Humanities, Fine Arts and Design (HU)

From ASU:

ASB/SSH 355 Traditional Medicine and Healing (Mandatory Review)
HST/REL/SGS 245 Introduction to South Asia 
PHI 329 History of Modern Philosophy (Mandatory Review)
PUP 190/SOS 111 Sustainable Cities (Mandatory Review)
RDG 291 Children's Literature (Mandatory Review - Revised)
REL 350 Hinduism (Mandatory Review)
REL 357 Theravada Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia  


SPH 241 Spanish and Latin American Film in Translation (Revised)

D. Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB)

From ASU:

ASM 275 Forensic Anthropology (Mandatory Review)
GCU 364 Energy in the Global Arena (Mandatory Review)
JUS 468 Protest, Justice, Law and the Media
PAF/URB 410 Building Leadership Skills (Mandatory Review)
PRM 364 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation (Mandatory Review)  

From MCCCD: none  

E. Natural Sciences (SQ/SG)

From ASU:  none  

From MCCCD: none  

F. Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (C)

From ASU:

ASB/SSH 300 Food and Culture (Mandatory Review)
GCU 322 Geography of U.S. and Canada (Mandatory Review)
GCU 421 Geography of Arizona and Southwestern United States (Mandatory Review)  


ENH 295 - Banned Books and Censorship (Mandatory Review) 

G. Global Awareness (G)

From ASU:

ASB/WST 410/SSH 400 Poverty, Social Justice, and Global Health (Mandatory Review)
GCU 364 Energy in the Global Arena (Mandatory Review)
GCU 425 Geography of the Mexican American Borderland (Mandatory Review)
FIN 456 International Financial Management (Mandatory Review)
HST/ASB/SSH 301 Global History of Health
HST/REL/SGS 245 Introduction to South Asia
REL 350 Hinduism (Mandatory Review)
REL 357 Theravada Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia (Mandatory Review)  

From MCCCD: none  

H. Historical Awareness (H)

From ASU:

APH 313 History of Architecture I (Mandatory Review)
APH 314 History of Architecture II (Mandatory Review)
ARS 201 Art of Asia (Mandatory Review)
ARS 202 Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas (Mandatory Review)
ARS 404 Greek Art (Mandatory Review)
ARS 406 Roman Art (Mandatory Review)
ARS 465 Native Art of North America (Mandatory Review)
ARS 466 Native American Art of the Southwest (Mandatory Review)
ASB 337 Pre-Hispanic Civilization of Middle America (Mandatory Review)
HCR 220 Introduction to Nursing and Healthcare Systems (Mandatory Review)
HST/REL/SGS 245 Introduction to South Asia 
SLC 294 History of Science, Technology and Society in Indian Subcontinent  

From MCCCD: none

7. Adjournment