Mission: Criterion 1 - Summary

1.S - Criterion 1 - Summary

The institution’s mission is clear and articulated publicly; it guides the institution’s operations.


The evidence and arguments assembled above demonstrate that ASU has meets expectations for the HLC Criterion associated with Mission. As part of its transformation into a New American University, ASU adopted a new Vision, Mission and Goals, and a list of Design Aspirations to direct the transformation. These foundational documents have guided all strategic planning undertaken since their adoption. The mission of ASU is clear and publicly articulated, centering on educational excellence, access, and impact. Since 2003, ASU has made great progress toward the goals and aspirations that are part of its stated Vision, Mission and Goals, to provide a high quality, accessible education, to increase student diversity and the number of degrees granted, to enhance research capabilities, and to significantly and meaningfully engage in the economic, social, and cultural fabric of the communities it serves.

Furthermore, assessed by the transparent and publicly-articulated measures provided in its Goals Statement, ASU has established itself as a model for the New American University.

Moving forward, ASU and ABOR have adapted ASU’s former mission statement as its University Charter and has established a new set of ambitious goals – targeted for completion in 2025 – that build on the success achieved in meeting the ASU Goals Statement. 


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