Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support: Criterion 3 - Summary

3.S - Criterion 3 - Summary

The institution provides high quality education, wherever and however its offerings are delivered.


ASU has a comprehensive and continuing commitment to ensure the quality of academic programs regardless of mode of delivery. ASU has established an extensive review and approval process to ensure the academic quality of its programs. The institution uses robust processes that guarantee instructors are thoroughly qualified and properly credentialed. Personnel evaluation processes at ASU assure that the faculty and staff are appropriately trained and current in their areas of responsibility through continuing professional development.

Support programs described here empower a diverse student population to reach their academic goals, and special support is provided for student populations with special needs. Students may choose to enrich their university experience by participating in an array of co-curricular programs. Support efforts by multiple levels of advisors and faculty members play a key role in the success of its students. 

A key ongoing challenge and opportunity is to continue the innovation that has allowed ASU to improve student success, with increased diversity at less cost. ASU has made extraordinary strides over the past decade to enhance the quality of its programs, students, faculty, and staff. As the New American University, committed to excellence, access, and impact, ASU has forged a path to enroll a large and high-quality student body and to provide strong academic programs to meet the ever-changing face of competencies and skills required of students in the 21st century.


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